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There’s something for everyone
18 Feb 2013

WHETHER you love drama, comedy, music or reality shows, SABC1 is sure to have something to please among the host of new shows the TV station has launched this month.


On Monday nights, viewers can watch the reality series Vaya Mzansi at 6.30 pm. Presented by DJ Cleo and Angie Khumalo, Vaya Mzansi promises the thrill of motorbikes on the open road intertwined with the spirit of inquiry and adventure.

From the cities of Johannesburg to the rural districts of the Eastern Cape, the two travellers will be searching for the soul of the nation.

Along the way they will unearth interesting stories — political, historical, criminal, ideological — all seen through the eyes of local people.

New on Tuesday nights at 6.30 pm is the reality series Nyan’ Nyani, presented by Luyanda Potwana.

Do you know the truth about your relationship? If all internal feelings and thoughts were laid bare, could you handle it or would the truth shake and crumble your solid grounds? Is there a place for certain truths or is ignorance real bliss?

This is a reality series that hides no lies — a show that takes young couples to a space where they re-evaluate their relationship.

For better or for worse, these are truths that have to be aired in the hope of solid, more fulfilling relationships, but as in the real world, happy endings are not guaranteed.

One Day Leader, meanwhile, returns for a second season on Sundays at 6.30 pm. This reality show aims to identify and develop young leaders while engaging the public and creating awareness around critical social and economic issues.

The show is presented by Masechaba Lekalake.


On Sundays at 11 am, SABC1 hosts the new multi-faith magazine series, iDentity, which focuses on shaping new ways in which young South Africans relate to one another as they seek to inquire who they are and what makes their identity. The show is presented by Mpumi Mbethe.

Also on Sundays, at 1.30 pm, is The Limitless Youth, a youth show that features inspirational and motivational young South Africans who are achieving great things “against all odds” — telling their “untold stories”.

The show will provide young people with information and opportunities for access to sustainable livelihoods.

The series is presented by Rofhiwa Bologo, known as Tholi B.

On Thursdays at 6.30 pm, SABC1 presents the lifestyle magazine show iLifestyle, which looks at how technology impacts lives and challenges members of the public to investigate and explore different sorts of available technology.


SABC1’s new drama series, Tempy Pushas, airs on Fridays at 8.30 pm.

Set against the backdrop of the lavish fashion world and juxtaposed with the vibrant township culture, the series focuses on two giant fashion houses and two families.

It is a poisonous saga of greed, revenge and buried pasts.

Also back for a second season is the drama series Intersexions, which airs on Tuesdays at 8.30 pm.

This hard-hitting, innovative local series has separate but interlinked episodes, which examine issues relating to love, sex and relationships.

The comedy series My Perfect Family is back for a second season at 7 pm on Mondays.

As if the growing pains of ordinary teenage-hood weren’t enough, socially awkward teen soap star Luyanda Nkosi takes on the role of trying to keep his already broken, dysfunctional family together.

It’s not so much that he needs to try his hand at fathering his own parents, because even though he acts more mature than most guys of his age, young Lu still needs guidance of his own. But his maturity level has him believing that he holds the answers to his parents’ constant bickering. See, his dream is to unite his parents once again, so that things can be as they once were …


Music fans should catch The Afterparty, which airs on Mondays.

This music download platform provides television viewers with access to thousands of legal songs for download as ring-tones, caller tunes, video tones or full tracks.

Music genres such as hip-hop, house, Afro pop, smooth jazz, pop and gospel and others will be featured in the series,which is presented by Benny Langa, Sthembiso Legodi, Lebo, Chantelle and Melany.

Music fans can also enjoy Sky Room Live on Saturdays at 10 pm, a series that showcases live performances that are broadcast live on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or simply on the Sky Room website.

The series, presented by Phila Mazibuko, will include contributions from some of South Africa’s leading artists, who will all perform hour-long concerts. The first broadcast will be pre-recorded and all additional shows will go out live.

— Arts Editor.

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