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Ramphele plans ‘forum’ for opposition
18 Feb 2013
Jan-Jan Joubert

HUMAN rights activist Dr Mamphela Ramphele is expected to announce today that she is forming a “consultative forum” to unite opposition to the ANC.
Ramphele will address the media in Johannesburg at 11 am, apparently to announce that she is to establish an “umbrella” organisation founded on broad principles to unite opposition parties within a few months in a single party under her leadership.
She is a co-founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, former rector of the University of Cape Town and director of the World Bank.
She has invited a variety of leading South Africans to the media conference. Several have declined, but it is expected that Professor Njabulo Ndebele, another former UCT rector, and political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki, the brother of former president Thabo Mbeki, will attend.
It is expected that Ramphele will spell out her founding principles and criticise the ANC, but remain vague about the practicalities of her idea, especially the establishment of a new party.
It is also expected that smaller, less solid parties like Cope will be a source of many recruits, but more established parties like the Inkatha Freedom Party and the Democratic Alliance will wait to see how her idea works out before deciding whether to support her.

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