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Big shot: Oscar fired gun by accident in crowded restaurant
18 Feb 2013
Pauli van Wyk

OSCAR Pistorius fired a shot in a restaurant recently and no one said a word.
The shot just missed the foot of his friend, middleweight boxer Kevin Lerena.
Lerena, who was friends with Reeva Steenkamp and Pistorius, was dining with them at a restaurant called Tasha’s in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, in early January when the shot went off in the busy venue.
“I naturally got a huge fright, because the shot hit the floor centimetres from my foot,” said Lerena. “But it was truly a freak accident.
“I must stress that Oscar wanted to look at the pistol of a friend — I won’t say who.
“It wasn’t his own pistol.
“It somehow got hooked on his pants, the safety came loose and and the shot went off.
“I wouldn’t say he was negligent. It was an accident,” said Lerena.
Pistorius is a gun owner who has a licence for his 9 mm pistol and applications pending for another seven firearms, including a semi-automatic.
The restaurant manager, Jason Loupis, said no complaint was made to the police.
Asked about the shooting, he said: “I heard a loud bang and when I went to investigate, Oscar’s party denied it.
“Oscar and Reeva were regular guests and I saw them a lot.”

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