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Doc on board: Motsoaledi stabilises passenger
12 Feb 2013
Witness Reporter

HEALTH Minister Aaron Motsoaledi was probably hoping for a quiet flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town yesterday evening.
Instead, the minister, who was sitting in the business class section of Flight SA375, found himself trying to stabilise an economy class passenger who had collapsed.
A passenger on the flight told The Witness last night that a woman began screaming for help just before take-off.
When she was ignored, the unnamed women jumped up from her seat and asked whether there was a doctor on board, as the passenger next to her was in trouble.
She did not know the man.
“He [Motsoaledi] was there on the spot and helped the passenger,” the eyewitness said.
An ambulance was called and the flight was delayed for an hour, with passengers remaining on board until the Nigerian man could be stabilised and taken to hospital.
The passenger described how several “tourists and other mavericks” on board had taken photographs, while others caught the drama on video, having no regard for the passenger’s privacy.
The captain advised the passengers, when the plane was finally ready to depart, that the man was not critical and was expected to travel to Cape Town today.
Motsoaledi could not be reached for comment by the time of going to press.

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