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A 3D movie about living your passion to dance
11 Feb 2013

REMO D’Souza hit the bull’s eye with his successful outing as a director in 2011 with FALTU, and now he has channelled his “creative energy” in directing a film about his first love, dance, that too in 3D.

From kids to senior citizens, this dance-based film features just about anyone and everyone with a passion for dance. ABCD is not just about the basics of dancing but about living your passion.

For Vishnu (Prabhu Dheva), dance is more than a passion — it’s the reason he lives!

When Vishnu is thrown out of the dance academy after being set up by his manipulative business partner Jehangir (Kay Kay Menon), an image conscious entrepreneur, he decides to give up dance and leave Mumbai forever.

Before his departure he witnesses a most amazing sight — a group of raw talent preparing for the upcoming dance competition during the Ganeshotsav, an annual festival that pits Mumbai’s best dance groups against each other.

Watching the amazing dancers helps Vishnu arrive at a decision. He decides to take this disparate group under his wing, help them overcome their personal rivalries and past demons and turn them into India’s best dance squad!

Jehangir, meanwhile, keeps himself and his classes in the media eye with great dexterity. From sporting spikes to wearing light-blue lenses, he teams disastrous style statements with a goatee — and Menon, the actor who plays the character, is hands down the most fabulous performer in the whole film. The way he says “we dance to impress” to his students, in a very sinister way, makes us loathe him. KK … take a bow! *** Devan Naidoo

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