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Twitter: social media abuzz with Sexwale’s messy and expensive divorce
11 Feb 2013
Witness Reporter

TWITTER was abuzz yesterday after the Sunday Times revealed that the senior cabinet minister embroiled in a messy divorce was Tokyo Sexwale.
The news was picked up by the foreign press, with Britain’s Telegraph describing Sexwale’s union to Judy van Vuuren as a “marriage made in post-apartheid heaven”.
“She was a young white paralegal from a middle class Cape Town family, he was a dashing former Robben Island detainee with a promising political future.
“But 20 years to the day, it has emerged that their union has dissolved in acrimoany and the stage is set for one of the biggest and most sensational divorce trials in the Rainbow Nation’s history,” it reported.
Former Talk 702 presenter and Sexwale’s niece Kanalelo (@kaysexwale) tweeted: “I love my family. All of them. Being the loudmouth I am — I won’t pretend I don’t hurt when their lives become dissected by press.”
Comedian Simmi Areff (@simmiareff) offered a humourous take with: “Tokyo Sexwale is Minister of Human Settlements. Now he will also be Minister of Human Settlements out of court.”
Not everyone on Twitter seemed to think Sexwale would feel it in his pocket.
Judith Baxter (@judebax): “If Tokyo’s wealth is around 2Billion, what his wife is asking for is certainly not much after 20 years of marriage.”
Others took the newspaper to task for devoting its front page to the Sexwale divorce and underplaying more important news.
Zeyad Davids ‏@zedavids tweeted: “According to the Sunday Times front-page, the Sexwale divorce deserves more prominence than the Anene Booysen story. #PatheticJournalism”
Newspapers reported details of Judy Sexwale’s claim last week, in which she has asked, among other things, for a R70 million house, R3 million to furnish it, a new R1 million car every five years and monthly maintenance of R150 000.

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