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Mpophomeni:kids learn english at digital hub
11 Feb 2013
Gabisile Ngcobo

ENGLISH is fun. This was the sentiment shared by many children who attended the Mpophomeni Digital Hub yesterday.
The British Council South Africa (BCSA) hosted a “Learn English” open day which saw children and teachers from the community flock to the hub.
The hub, which has 24 computers that were donated by the council last year, yesterday presented more English learning materials, such as booklets.
English adviser of BCSA, Caroline Grant, said the initiative goes beyond just English.
The council will also give away solar-powered radio/MP3 devices which are prerecorded with lessons, songs and stories.
And teachers can also record their own materials.
Grant said they were working with the Department of Basic Education to improve the quality of education and learning of English First Additional Language in schools.
•The centre is situated at Mpophomeni Community Hall and is opened from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday.

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