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Fleischer’s gangster flick pays homage to the classics
14 Jan 2013

Film: Gangster Squad

THIS masterpiece, directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and written by Will Beal, is based on the novel Gangster Squad by Paul Lieberman.
It is a Warner Brothers film set in 1940s Los Angeles and depicts the workings of the dark world of the gangster, as well as the constant battle between the Mob and the police.
This movie is for anyone who appreciates action-packed performances that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
Other elements that make this film immensely entertaining are the dramatic musical score and the skilful use of special effects, which make the plot all the more delectable.
The cinematography keeps the audience’s attention fixed on the screen at all times as the use of close-ups and fast-paced panning camera shots amps up the action, while the use of a variety of camera shots emphasises the relationships between the characters.
Gangster Squad can be compared to the 1946 film The Big Sleep, directed by Howard Hawks, which offers similar action, such as gangsters, detectives, car chases and shoot outs.
This film is also similar to Brian de Palma’s Scarface, given the use of drug trafficking themes.
Emma Stone’s performance is different, to say the least, as she usually plays either a mischievous girl, such as in Easy A, or an intelligent good girl such as in The Help.
In Gangster Squad she plays a mysterious femme fatale.
I found the film highly entertaining, but I feel that some of the scenes were unnecessary. All things considered, this film is highly commendable, although I would not recommend it to younger viewers due to the element of violence in the film.
Liam Nugent

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