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Farmer desperate to rescue trapped cow
17 Nov 2012
Mlondi Radebe

A FARMER in the Table Mountain area is so desperate to rescue a cow trapped in a hole that he is prepared to spend up to R15 000 to rescue the animal.
Ndabayakhe Madlala says he is also prepared to hire a helicopter, if that’s what it takes to save the cow.
“This cow is like my child. It has a calf that is two weeks old. I am willing to pay for a helicopter, if it is required for my cow to be rescued. I can pay R10 000 to R15 000,” he said.
Madlala, who has a herd of 100 cows, said he had reported the cow as missing to the police when he noted its disappearance last week.
However, Madlala could not believe his ears when he heard the cow lowing in the distance on Monday.
Following the sound, he discovered the cow was trapped in a hole about 10 metres deep, covered by shrubbery.
The Msunduzi fire department and a team from the SPCA have both been to the site, but are finding it difficult to rescue the cow.
SPCA spokesperson Maureen Vida said they are doing everything possible to rescue the cow, including taking a special chute to the site with which to pull the animal out.

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