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See fascinating doccies at Hilton fest
17 Sep 2012
Estelle Sinkins

THIS year’s The Witness Hilton Arts Festival has a strong movie element, with screenings of three documentaries that reveal the impact of human beings on the environment.

The films include:

• The Story of Stuff, which can be seen at 7 pm on Friday, September 21, and takes a look at the life cycle of the products we use every day, from cradle to grave. The underlying message is man’s addiction to consumerism and how it is destroying the environment.

• Home, which can be seen at 7 pm on Saturday, September 22, and provides a holistic view of planet Earth and its past, present and future environmental conditions and stability. It also takes a look at the massive scale of mining, exploration and agricultural industries.

• Food Inc., which is being screened at 2 pm on Sunday, September 23, takes a close look at the meat industry and may well make one consider becoming a vegetarian. PG 13.

All the films have been provided by Francois du Toit, chief executive officer of The Africa Conservation Trust. After the screenings in the CFI, renewable energy and energy efficiency consultant Pierre Basson and environmental consultant Yashna Maharajh will lead discussions.

Tickets are R50, which covers the costs of the screenings and a donation to community projects run by The Africa Conservation Trust.

In addition to the documentaries, a selection of award-winning short films made by students at Afda are being screened adjacent to The Long Table (look for the signboards) on the Hilton College campus. Screenings cost R5 at the door and proceeds will be donated to KZN Wildlands Rhino Conservation.

The programme is as follows:

September 21, from 6 pm

• Elaleni, the Academy Award winning best foreign student film from 2006;

• Hacked, in which four crime fighters hack a multinational corporation in an attempt to bring a profound sense of morality to the globalised world of corruption they inhabit, until some of them develop hidden agendas;

• Spiral about a young architect, who defines himself through a world of structure, rejecting any form of chaos entering his life, until the chaos manifests permanently within him.

September 22, from 11 am

• Electricity, which is set in a world without electricity and where paraffin is the new currency;

• Of Gravity and Life, in which three people come to grips with their circumstances when they escape the reality of their lives; and

• Cake, which is about a young woman caring for her mother who is suffering from Alzheimers.

Saturday, September 22 from 1.30 pm

• Our Ship, the touching journey of a father and son surviving on Johannesburg streets with the helping inspiration of their imagination;

• Untitled, a portrayal of what inspires an artist and the journey she travels mentally to create a masterpiece;

• Elements, a love story about two individuals each possessed by an element — his, water and hers, wind.

Saturday, September 22 at 4 pm

• There Are No Heroes, which tells the story of a young single mother who must fight to survive in a dystopian future in Cape Town ruled by a sinister pharmaceutical company.

Sunday, September 23, from 11 am

• Die Windpomp, which tells the story of a teenage boy who moves in with his senile grandfather in a retirement village and discovers a handful of elderly neighbours’ secret obsession with an ancient windmill endowed with mystical powers;

• The Tupperware Party, a comedic mockumentary set in 1975 South Africa about Daphne Swanmore preparing for and hosting her first Tupperware party in Cape Town;

• Bomlambo, about a young boy who washes up on the shores of the Bomvana region in the Eastern Cape and the young woman who takes him in and nurses him back to health;

• Perspective, a story told by symbolic gesture about Boy and Girl locked in separate confined worlds seeking resolve to end their fears and satisfy their most primal desire: companionship.

September, 23 from 3 pm

• For The Birds, in which a girl falls in love with a taxidermist from a distance until a dead pigeon falls from the sky;

• In Return, about a young man who recalls his journey from a violent street life to receiving the opportunity to fight crime for a security firm, until his boss and mentor is killed on the job by a boy whose life was like his.

• For more information about The Witness Hilton Arts Festival log on to www.hiltonfestival.co.za. Printed programmes are available from selected Spar and SuperSpar stores, Exclusive Books, Adams in Musgrave Centre, Bookworld at Cascades, the KZNSA Gallery in Durban, The Witness offices and the Hilton College Theatre (weekdays office hours).


A NUMBER of performances at this year’s The Witness Hilton Arts Festival are sold out and others nearly booked up. See below:

Friday, September 21

Rob van Vuuren – Live (one seat left)

… miskien

Saturday, September 22

Boesman and Lena

Paul Zerdin: Comic Ventriloquist (12.30 pm)

Sunday Morning

At the drop of a hat

… miskien

Horn of Sorrow (5.30 pm)

Rocking It Gently (one seat left)

Strange Case of the Naked Socialite (6 pm)

Sunday, September 23

Boesman and Lena

Sunday Morning

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