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Delving into SA's crime underworld
25 Jul 2012
Jackie Quinton



Trevor R. Corbett


ALLEGIANCE is Corbett’s second novel. Though I am not into spy thrillers, I must say I found the book very intriguing, and as Corbett resides in KwaZulu-Natal, I decided to try and give the book the credit it deserves.

Kevin Durant is a secret-service agent, who is joined by a new partner, Cedric Shabalala. A terrorist group is targeting a United States diplomat visiting Durban, who is being hosted on a U.S. war ship in Durban harbour. It is up to Durant, Shabalala and the “big boss”, Masondo, to try and defuse the situation and prevent any bloodshed.

Apart from the main plot, we learn of the personal lives of the main characters in the book, and Shabalala’s mysterious Wednesday-night disappearances.

Included are fugitives entering South Africa, blackmail, murder, money laundering and complicated love affairs.

As Corbett has first-hand knowledge of South Africa’s state-security procedures, he is capable of delivering a strong plot — everyone is a suspect, and one is kept on tenterhooks till the very end. It makes for a good book for anyone who enjoys a James Bond-type novel.


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