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Two PMB men stung hundreds of times by angry bees
24 Feb 2012
Thamsanqa Magubane

TWO Pietermaritzburg men are lucky to be alive after they were attacked by a swarm of African Honey bees, or “killer bees” in the Glenwood area.

Mduduzi Shoba (about 30) and Sandile Magwaza (60) went into the bush at midday yesterday in search of herbal medicines.

While walking along a path in the forest, one of them fell on top of a car tyre that contained a beehive and as it moved, the bees attacked.

Shoba was treated at Grey’s hospital and released yesterday, but Magwaza was admitted to the casualty ward last night.

ER24 and Netcare 911 paramedics attending to the scene said both men were covered in stings.

David Frank, a Glenwood resident who assisted the two men, said he was cutting grass next to his home when he heard screams coming from the bush.

He said moments later a man ran out the forest screaming, “Help me! Help me!”

“At first I thought he was just crazy and then I saw that he had a piece of cloth in his hand trying to fight off the bees. His whole face was covered with bees. He asked me to pour water on him so I poured a bucket over him, but that did not help. So I used a hose pipe to remove them.

“He told me there was another older man stuck in the bush as they had to run in opposite directions when they were attacked by the bees.

“When he tried to go look for the older man, the bees chased him down the road again.”

Frank said Magwaza was eventually rescued by the paramedics. “His whole face was swollen and it was white from the bee stings.”

The two men were in bad shape when they left for the hospital. “The younger man was sitting, breathing heavily, losing energy and vomiting.”

Grey’s Hospital spokesperson Zamo Mtunga said Shoba had been released while Magwaza, who is in a stable condition, had been admitted to hospital.

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