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Spirit of Mills Circle
24 Feb 2012

I HAVE lived in Mills Circle for 53 years. During these years we have established a happy, caring community. I am sad and angry that a greedy developer is destroying all we have worked for. According to the developer, all the activity which has taken place on the site to date is lawful. I wonder where our city fathers fit into all this and what they are doing about it?

Negotiating traffic from Mills Circle in the mornings is a nightmare, but this is being ignored. Mike Freeguard from Kokstad (The Witness, February 17) writes that our objections have no real merit. He is not a resident in Mills Circle, so this proposed development does not affect him. His opinion really has no merit for us. The developer should have looked elsewhere for vacant land which would have been more suitable for his SuperSpar. Demolishing well-built houses and established gardens is not development, it is destruction.

The developer has destroyed vegetation and demolished houses, but he won’t break our spirit. We will continue to stand together and object to this development.

Shirley Peel
Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

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