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Reduced to rubble
10 Feb 2012

ONE may not be faulted for thinking that the properties being used for the proposed SuperSpar development in Hayfields have reverted back to agricultural land for the cultivation of weeds and grass. Never in 26 years of residing in Mills Circle have I seen such neglect of properties and verges. We have always been proud of our well-kept neighbourhood.

Since September when the first tree was cut down our sense of place has been destroyed. Most of the demolition took place during the Christmas holidays, some on Saturdays and Sundays when one was entertaining visitors. It was an emotional time for the residents witnessing the homes of friends and neighbours being reduced to rubble. Anyone who thinks otherwise has a heart of stone. So we now live with rubble and weeds as neighbours.

We do not want, nor do we need another supermarket on our doorstep. We have enough supermarkets in the Hayfields area. It would have been much more prudent for the developer to have found a vacant piece of land elsewhere and built his supermarket there. It would probably have been up and running by now and 300 trained people would be enjoying their new jobs.

S. Price
Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

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