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Objections to development
09 Feb 2012

THE Mills Circle objectors (The Witness, February 3) are not against development but against unnecessary development.

There are about seven supermarkets within a five-kilometre radius of Mills Circle. We are spoilt for choice. Why do we need another in an old, established residential area?

The developer claims he is creating employment. What about the supermarkets that will be affected by this development and the staff who will have to be retrenched? There will be parking for 344 vehicles at this SuperSpar, so it follows that the traffic congestion will get even worse. If this development is allowed to continue it will mean the demise of Mills Circle as a residential area. The green belt that runs between Mills Circle and Hesketh Drive will also disappear.

With another supermarket on our doorstep, the inconvenience will be twofold.

One reads with disbelief the developer’s statement that our appeal has lapsed because the registrar of the appeal tribunal has failed to set the appeal down for hearing. He stretches credibility further by stating that the appeal process is unconstitutional. I cannot believe that in a constitutional democracy such as ours our Constitutional Court will take away an appeal process. If this is true, then the law is an ass.

S. Du Toit Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

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