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Soul-destroying demolition
09 Feb 2012

I RESPOND to the article headed “Is the law an ass? The tale of Mills Circle” (The Witness, February 3).

The one side and half of the back of my property borders the development site which means that I am very exposed to all that is happening.

I am one of the residents who appealed the decision of the municipality and was given the assurance that my family and I would be protected by the laws that prevail.I did not expect this to happen to us while our appeal was in place. The impact of watching homes and gardens being demolished is soul destroyin­g: the noise, dust and influx of unknown people looking into our property are difficult to endure.

Every movement of the demolition equipment goes through me, the ground shudders as walls collapse and all activities are accompanied by billowing clouds of dust. If the SuperSpar does go ahead, I will have to endure the noise of delivery vehicles and the smell of the loading zone within seven metres of my lounge as no provision has been made for a buffer zone between my home and the supermarket other than a wall.

Dagny Ferreira
Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

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