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Questions for Willies Mchunu
27 Oct 2009

SAFETY and Security MEC Willies Mchunu’s article (The Witness, October 20) evades almost every key aspect­ of the Kennedy Road situation. Abahlali baseMjondolo (ABM) is respected internationally and throughout South Africa as a democratic, nonviolent social movement. It is, in fact, Mchunu, and not his critics, who brings the African National Congress into disrepute with his vicious, undemocratic attack on ABM.

Let us ask Mchunu to respond to the following questions. Why have none of those who attacked the ABM youth camp on September 26 been arrested, but only those who are alleged to have resisted this attack, some of whom were not even present at the time? Why did Mchunu’s police and ANC ward councillor, Yacoob Baig, stand by passively while the shacks of 27 ABM leaders were destroyed on September 27? Why did hundreds of people from Kennedy Road flee from the attackers, many losing all their possessions? Why does the destruction of shacks continue and why do local ANC leaders who occupy Kennedy Road now threaten anyone who supports ABM with destruction of their shack, or worse?

Mchunu should be clear that the ANC’s tactics will backfire. Long after the name of Mchunu is forgotten, that of Abahlali baseMjondolo will resound with glory.

Mowbray, Cape Town

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