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Northdale wholesaler strangled
27 Jan 2012
Thamsanqa Magubane

A CHINESE businessman was bound, gagged and strangled to death at his shop in Adams Plaza, Manchester Road, Northdale, yesterday.

Xluwei Huang (25), manager of King Furniture Wholesalers, was found after customers noticed the shop door open. They became concerned, as he never leaves the security gate open.

They notified other Chinese businessmen, who began to search for him inside the shop. They found him in the back of the shop, his arms and legs bound with duct tape. He had been gagged and strangled.

The murder led to a complete shutdown of Adams Plaza, with many business people coming to assist and crowds coming to gawk.

Huang’s wife Ling Zhong, mother of his four-month-old baby, was distraught. For almost four hours she stood at the main entrance clutching at the steel gate, crying hysterically.

She would not sit down, or even drink water, but watched as police processed the crime scene.

Next to her was another young woman, identified as Huang’s sister, also sobbing. Her name was not immediately available.

The two broke into shrieking cries when the police allowed them to see the body and tried to grab on to the mortuary van as it drove off with Huang’s body.

Above: This furniture shop became the scene of a gruesome crime.

Hawabebe Dhooma, a businesswoman and one of the first people at the scene, said the incident had been a huge shock.

“At 12 o’clock, he was sitting out there in front of his shop where he was eating his lunch and now he is dead.”

Another Chinese businessman, Michael Lee, described the incident as a tragedy. “People need to understand that life is precious to everyone, if they wanted to rob him, they should have done so and left him alive. There was no need for them to kill him.”

He said the murder had left Huang’s neighbours shaken.

Police spokesperson Joey Jevaan said Mountain Rise Station Commander Francis Bantham has put together a task team to investigate the murder.

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