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I did not call the ANC ‘motherf*****s’ — Max du Preez
08 Oct 2011

JOHANNESBURG — Columnist Max du Preez has denied he ever called the ANC “mother­f*****s” on his Facebook page.
The ANC scolded Du Preez for using the word “maaifoedies” to describe the ruling party, which the South African Press Association translated as “motherf*****s” in a news report.
On Twitter Du Preez retorted, “… go read the original stuff before you report on my ‘profanities’. I did no such thing.”
He added in a separate tweet, “The word simply means ‘rascal’ today”.
The Sapa report quoted from Du Preez’s Facebook page as background to the story about the ANC issuing a statement about it.
On his Facebook status on Thursday Du Preez explained in Afrikaans that the word “maaifoedies” is “actually the Afrikaans for the American abusive word mother*****r”.
He concluded, “So I also say to the ANC leadership this morning, You ‘maaifoedies’.”
In response to the ANC’s criticism, Du Preez again wrote on his Facebook status saying: “Maaifoedie is a perfectably [sic] acceptable word in good company, but I explained via an old book on Afrikaans etymology that originally actually meant the same as the American swear word.
“I did NOT call the ANC ‘motherf******s’. Has the ANC gone completely and utterly mad?” — Sapa.

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