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New film tells Angus Buchanís life story
05 May 2011
Gabisile Ngcobo

RENOWNED Greytown farmer turned evangelist Angus Buchan will play the lead role as himself in his forthcoming movie Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People.

The movie is due to be released in cinemas next April, a week before Good Friday.

The four-facet film will tell the story of Buchan as a boy, his calling to ministry in the 1970s, the man he has become over the years and three men whose lives were touched by Buchan’s popular Mighty Men conferences.

The movie is directed by F.C. Hamman with Andre Scholtz and Jared de Jong as producers.

The younger Buchan is played by Anrich Herbst, who had a stint on the popular soap Isidingo as Duncan Haines.

Some small-screen household names who will also feature in the movie include Anton Dekker, Jaco Muller and Lucky Koza.

De Jong said, “This movie will depict the lives of real people and will give a glimpse into ordinary people’s lives. It will also show that whether you are black, white or yellow we’re all ordinary and have different purposes.”

The movie is not just for Christians, but also for “all those who are lost and battling with life” De Jong added, although he admitted that the story has a strong spiritual base.

The film is shot in high definition. The shooting started in Greytown. Now in its third week of filming, the team is presently shooting in Johannesburg and its next stop is Limpopo. Three-time winner for best cinematography in the South African Film and Television Awards Rory O’Grady is also part of the production.

De Jong said they have already worked with hundreds of extras.

One of the extras who is a member of the congregation at the Methodist church in Greytown, Loretta Allen (60), said it was her first time in front of a movie camera and “it was really nice dealing with the crew and the interaction was great”.

The producers are hoping that an international audience will buy into the film and that it will be released in all the European countries.

De Jong said, “I don’t know Buchan personally, but I’ve spent days with him [during the making of film] and he is really humble. He had a very hard time in the 70s and 80s.

“I also think that after his 2009 heart attack, he’s been able to realise that everything that he has been doing was God working through him.”

Buchan’s annual Mighty Men conferences attract thousands of men from all walks of life. Last year more than 280 000 men gathered to hear him preach. He also hosts a 30-minute gospel programme on e-tv every Sunday.

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