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Eggs-treme: World record bid
08 Mar 2011
Theuns van der Westhuizen

CAPE TOWN — The Guiness Book of Records has invited the Mother City’s “eggman”, Gregory da Silva, to Italy to attempt a world record for the biggest hat made from fresh eggs.

Da Silva, born in Benin, west Africa, has become a popular street artist at Greenmarket Square, where he entertains visitors with jokes, stories and dances — all under that unique hat.

“I must build a hat with fresh eggs for the record attempt. They say they have 1 000 eggs waiting for me. I don’t know what it will weigh, because I’ll use chicken wire and ostrich feathers,” said Da Silva

Cape Town tourism fully supports Da Silva in the attempt. His current egg hat weighs almost 25 kg and comprises dozens of egg shells and Africa designs.

“I am so proud and happy. Cape Town is heaven on earth for me. I hope I can bring the record back. I depart on Friday for Milan. They pay everything … I’ll only be back on April 8,” he gushed.

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