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Jack the Ripper in the Dargle?
21 Sep 2010

DID Jack the Ripper once stand drinks at the bar of the Tanglewood Country House in the Dargle? Well, if he did, he didn’t pay for them.

In tomorrow’s Witness Stephen Coan will piece together the story of Frederick Bailey Deeming, executed in Australia in 1892 for the murder of his four children and two wives. Deeming, who was born in England and lived in Australia, also claimed at his trial to have spent time in South Africa. He remains to this day one of the suspects in the gruesome murder of several women in the Whitechapel area of London in 1888 attributed to the infamous “Jack the Ripper”.

Coan examines the link between Deeming and a “Mr Demming”, a visitor at the bar of then Singleton’s Hotel in the Dargle in 1888, who was famous for not paying for his drinks and for skipping without paying after hosting a lavish tennis party catered for by the inn.

And don’t miss the video by Ryan Calder on our website tomorrow at www.witness.co.za.

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