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Brides and Grooms
Added: 20 Aug 2010

Unit Trust Prices and JSE Indicators
Added: 28 Jul 2008

To view Unit Trust Prices and the latest JSE indicators.

Racial tension ignites
Added: (None)
Racial tension ignites

Thanks for the kindness
Added: 31 Jul 2014
SOMEONE, or a couple, very kindly paid for our refreshments on Monday morning...

Time for SA to stand in solidarity
Added: 31 Jul 2014
J.J. PILLAY (The Witness, July 23) is of the opinion that South Africa should “let them [Israel and Palestine] solve their problems themselves”...

Negotiated settlement soon
Added: 31 Jul 2014
WITH 1 064 Palestinians dead, over 6 500 seriously injured and 34 Israelis dead, a lasting ceasefire is needed soon...

I like it
Added: 31 Jul 2014
THE letter from Chris McEvilly in The Witness of July 28 had me looking for the “like” button to press...

Amla stands for all of us
Added: 31 Jul 2014
DAVID Knowles’s article “Amla has matured as a leader” (The Witness, July 16) refers...

What if we also demand free electricity?
Added: 31 Jul 2014
AFTER Tuesday night’s blackout due to electricity theft, I have had about enough...

Gaza: a little context
Added: 31 Jul 2014
As the war in the Gaza Strip continues, the goals of Hamas and Israel appear more and more unrealistic...

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