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Brides and Grooms
Added: 20 Aug 2010

Unit Trust Prices and JSE Indicators
Added: 28 Jul 2008

To view Unit Trust Prices and the latest JSE indicators.

Racial tension ignites
Added: (None)
Racial tension ignites

Fatal dog attacks: more research is needed
Added: 24 Jul 2014
THE subject of this article came after reading about the tragic death of Heidi Pook, a young woman from Baysville, East London, who was killed by a pack of pitbulls last Thursday...

Israel offensive aims to eliminate Palestinian youth
Added: 24 Jul 2014
THE deliberate targeting of children and mothers in the latest offensive in the Gaza Strip provides ample proof that the Jewish state’s continued aggression is not just meant to smoke out Hamas and Qassim brigadiers from Palestine, but to eliminate the future flag bearers of resistance to the ongoing brutality perpetrated by the Israeli defence force...

What sort of society are we living in?
Added: 24 Jul 2014
WHAT is becoming of humankind when ruthless killers are allowed to still have rights after deliberately choosing to kill harmless children in the manner that Taegrin Morris was killed?

Law society should be independent
Added: 24 Jul 2014
IN response to the previous letters about the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society, I can only agree with the other writers...

Our depraved culture must be addressed
Added: 24 Jul 2014
YOUR article “Every parent’s nightmare” (The Witness, July 21) could not have come at a better time...

Pause, stop and remember
Added: 24 Jul 2014
Many people don’t have time for history, but it shaped the way we live today
‘It’s about remembering, appreciating, giving thanks for the lives given so we can enjoy the world we live in today.’

where was the outcry then?
Added: 24 Jul 2014
THE world rightly condemns the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner and the deaths of the innocent passengers...

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